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We hereby inform you that Sunrise Infotech Service (RightPe), its group entities or any of their authorized representatives shall at any time:

(i) make any advance or advance payment such as fees, charges, cash, fixed deposits, demand drafts etc. . For some reason say no;

(ii) offer any attractive deals, gifts, vouchers etc.; or

(iii) any confidential or sensitive information such as login ID or username, transaction password, one time password (OTP), bank account details, card details, grid card value, an e-mail, SMS or phone call to CVV send. Do it. or any of your personal information such as name, date of birth, identity proof, income details etc. If any e-mail, SMS and/or phone call asks you to pay the fee in advance. When making a request for cash, fixed deposit, demand draft, etc., or any confidential, sensitive or personal information, you are advised not to respond to such e-mails, SMS and/or phone calls. Any such advance payment or sharing of any confidential, sensitive or personal information may result in fraud and loss. Sunrise Infotech Service (RightPe) or its group entities shall not be liable for any loss or damage of any kind caused to any person (including individual, firm, company, trust or society) who indulge in such dishonest act. Individuals, agencies, firms or companies or to rely on or respond to such e-mails, SMS and/or phone calls.

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